A Bukidnon grown man is now reaching higher peaks of his pole of success, growing bamboo as his business. Mr. Antonio Dominao of Impalutao, Bukidnon- the owner of a bamboo nursery farm is now making a record.
Mr. Dominao, a contractual worker before of the Environmental Research and Development Sector (ERDS) now Environmental Research and Development Bureau (ERDB) whose project is focused on the plantation of bamboo was inspired to make it his business after his contract with the ERDB.
He started with 200 seedlings in the year 1993 in his home using the unused packaging cellophanes from his previous affiliated project. Then, he had seen the strong demand for bamboo seedlings which made him pursue such business until today.
Giant Bamboo or Dendrocalamus giganteus is the bamboo species which Mr. Dominao is using for his bamboo nursery. As per observation by Mr. Dominao on his business experience, Giant Bamboo is the most used type in the region.
The demand for bamboo is totally unquestionable specially in Bukidnon. Being the fruit basket in the country, big companies like Del Monte and Dole among others are demanding for bamboo poles as guide to their plantation crops like Banana, Papaya, and Tomato.
Poultry production in Bukidnon too demands bamboo splits for the floor construction.
This proves how much of bamboo the region demands. What more if we have to consider the whole country needing for bamboo?
In addition to an information from Mr. Dominao, the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) knocked on his possible support for the framework of an “Engineered Bamboo Industry” which is subjected to be built in the Region and as being assumed, the industry would need tons of bamboo poles everyday. However, this is a challenge for someone like Mr. Dominao as a bamboo grower to hopelessly provide the demand seeing the region lacks the supply of bamboo for the said industry.
In a year, Mr. Dominao would probably grow 20,000 bamboo seedlings with an expected 15,000 successfully grown seedlings. These are sold for 20 Pesos each seedling, thus, an annual income of more or less Php300, 000. There is indeed gold in this green pole.
With this business, he is proud to have built his home, bought a vehicle for seedling delivery, send his children to college and support his family’s daily consumption.
Whereas, the bamboo poles for bamboo farmers, each pole is sold for Php100 as of writing.

In the pursuit of fulfilling its mission to increase the people’s interest for bamboo farming, the DENR initiated a livelihood “Bamboo Program” of the government. Former DENR Secretary, Ms. Gina Lopez said that the government plans to invest heavily in the development of bamboo, which not only has proven high carbon sequestration capacity to support climate mitigation, but also could sustainably support local resource-based economies (retrieved from
Indeed, it’s the experience of Mr. Dominao through the National Greening Project (NGP) of DENR, bamboo farmer like him who was encouraged to grow more seedlings which were all directly sold by the government and such are planned to be given among the localities whose interest is on bamboo farming.
As mentioned too, there is already an existing association of bamboo farmers particularly founded in the Municipality of Impalutao, Bukidnon- where Mr. Dominao resides which is called “Micro Business Associated Incorporated”.
With this DENR-NGP’s program, could we have the possibility to provide the demand of the soon-to-rise Engineered Bamboo Industry in Bukidnon?
Mr. Dominao is now competent enough to provide the amount of bamboo needed by the said industry with the strong support of the government. Thus he encourages everyone to start bamboo farming as it ensures everyone a good business platform ahead.
In five years, bamboo reaches its maturity and is ready for harvest. As of today, with fertilizer formulation, it is possible to harvest bamboo in three years. As bamboo continues to reproduce itself each year, this justifies that income will surely generate every year too (NConde & LMRazalo).