More and more Learning Site (LS) partners of the Agricultural Training Institute-Regional Training Center X (ATI-RTC X) have enjoyed considerable amount of media exposures such as by broadcast giants ABS-CBN and GMA Network.

Just recently, GreenMinds Incorporated, owned and managed by Reynaldo Gil Lomarda aka Datu Makadingding of Malaybalay City, Bukidnon is featured in the book “Go Negosyo – Kapatid Angat Lahat Stories”. As featured under the Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) business model on pages 125-127, GreenMinds Inc. has been engaged in agribusiness which help create jobs and business activities in rural and far-flung areas in Bukidnon. They also provide farm development, technical trainings, promotion of organic agriculture and other advocacy projects as well as consultancy services having been accredited as private Extension Service Provider (ESP) by ATI.

In a nutshell, the identified LS areas across the region which leads to becoming a School for Practical Agriculture or SPA is one of the Institute’s initiatives in persuading farmers to engage in diversified farming system in their respective areas. In concept, the chosen LS farm shall be further developed to become the “school” for hands on training and the farmer-owners as the “teachers” and community extensionists. This setup will help those individuals particularly out-of-school-youths who have the enthusiasm to go to school but have limited resources.

Established in 2000, GreenMinds Inc. is a people-oriented and self-sustaining non-government organization committed to the preservation and protection of the environment. The organization aims to improve and uplift the lives of the marginalized farmers and indigenous communities. In line with its main thrust to preserve and protect the environment through the practice and dissemination of ecological agriculture technologies, GreenMinds has been providing various trainings and consultancies since its inception in 2000.

On the agribusiness and production side via Umanika Eco-Cultural Farm, they produce organic peanut products and medicinal culinary herbs using organic technologies. By buying their products, patrons help the farmers and the farming community in Bukidnon.

Meanwhile, Go Negosyo, a series of entrepreneurial books published by Joey Conception, upholds the vision to make the Philippines an entrepreneurial nation. It already came up with different concepts that aim to inspire aspiring entrepreneurs to start their own business ventures. The latest book instalment relates how passion, big dreams and good ideas can encourage countless Filipinos to take the path of entrepreneurship.

Umanika Eco-Cultural Farm, as the farming component of GreenMinds Inc., is managed and owned by Reynaldo Gil Lomarda aka Datu Makadingding.