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About us

NOMCAARD is an organization of 19 agencies coordinating regional research and development/extension priorities. The consortium supports regional development through research and technology services.


Productive, competitive, and sustainable Science and Technology-based (S&T) Agriculture, Aquatic, Forestry and Natural Resources (AAFNR) sectors in Northern Mindanao.


As a regional research consortium, we commit ourselves to develop knowledge and provide innovative technologies through collaboration and networking with local and international organizations to bring about improvements for the AAFNR sectors.


  • To determine regional research development priorities;
  • To plan, monitor, and evaluate related activities in agriculture, aquatic, forestry, and natural resources.
  • To develop and implement a system of research management attuned to the development efforts of the region with the goal of maximizing the utilization of research results to support regional development; and
  • To source funds for use in the implementation of research and development program


"Supporting regional development through research and technology services."

Groups and Functions

Research and Development Cluster (RDC)

  1. Assist the consortium director in the formulation of short, medium and long term regional research and development plans;
  2. Spearhead the development of regional research and development annual work plan;
  3. Coordinate the regional prioritization of the training, research and development, and training needs and research priorities;
  4. Coordinate the packaging or the regional R&D program proposals for priority commodities;
  5. Review and recommend R&D programs;
  6. Project budget to the Consortium Director;
  7. Coordinate the monitoring and evaluation of the on-going and completed R&D programs through agency in-house reviews, regional symposia on R&D Highlights (RSDRH) Program/commodity reviews and field visits;
  8. Coordinate with member institutions the collection and submission of R&D data;
  9. Review the R&D projects prior to endorsement to DOST-PCAARRD;
  10. Report regularly to the consortium director and/or RRDCC the activities accomplishment related to R&D;
  11. Submit quarterly reports to the consortium director; and
  12. Perform other related tasks assigned by consortium director

Technology Transfer Cluster (TTC)

  1. Gather and consolidate information from CMIs, on research activities and technologies
  2. Facilitate initiatives on technology dissemination and packaging for commercialization activities;
  3. Coordinate trainings related to technology promotion and utilization;
  4. Coordinate other activities on technology promotion ad utilization;
  5. Promote government and non-government participation and other stakeholders in the application of innovative technologies for higher productivity and profitability;
  6. Submit quarterly reports to the Consortium Director and the RRDCC; and
  7. Perform other related tasks assigned by Consortium Director

Knowledge Management Cluster (KMC)

  1. Gather and consolidate information from consortium member institutions (CMIs) researchers, research activities and technologies;
  2. Coordinate , capture, develop, share and put into effective use the various S&T related information of the consortium and its CMIs;
  3. Provide communication support and complement the communication resources of the consortium member-institutions;
  4. Foster inter-agency collaboration and provide a venue to upgrade regional communication capability;
  5. Coordinate the implementation of the regional communication plans, programs and strategies in support to research and development.
  6. Coordinate trainings in development communication, extension methodologies and research management to enhance knowledge and skills of CMIs;
  7. Plan, develop, maintain and coordinate the implementation of regional management information system (MIS) programs;
  8. Coordinate the collection, organization and submission of pertinent R&D data by the implementing member institution;
  9. Promote and facilitate information dissemination within the consortium and train representatives from CMIs on electronic data processing, use and maintenance of information technology facilities and equipment;
  10. Submit quarterly reports to the Consortium Director and the RRDCC; and
  11. Perform other related tasks assigned by Consortium Director.
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