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    Membership is open to all government and non-government institutions who are active in and/or advocates of strategic research and development, capability building and research and development governance, research results dissemination and utilization, and policy advocacy.
    It is, generally, through application; but may also be through invitation, under meritorious cases and after approval by the Regional Research and Development Coordinating Committee (RRDCC) of NOMCAARRD.


    A. Higher Education Institutions (HEIs). This category includes state universities and colleges (SUCs) and private HEIs

    B. Research and Development Institutions (RDIs). This includes government and non-government institutions/agencies whose mandate include research, extension and development (RDE)

    C. Non-RDIs & Non-HEIs. This category includes government and non-government agencies/institutions that are not directly involved in RDE activities but whose involvement is through coordination and planning of R&D thrusts and priorities; provision of financial and other logistical support; and collaboration/partnership in the implementation of various consortium programs and plans.


    A. For HEIs and RDIs

    1. Actively involved in the conduct/implementation of research, extension and
    development activities.
    2. Agency annual budget has allocation for RDE
    3. Personnel are involved in RDE
    4. Has track record in the conduct of RDE projects, preferably in agriculture, aquatic,
    forestry and natural resources (AAFNR)
    5. Willing to pay the annual membership contribution and provide support in other
    forms (hosting of meetings, provision of logistics, etc.)
    6. Willing to provide counterpart when sending participants in consortium
    activities/events (meetings, trainings, symposia, etc.)

    B. For Non-RDIs & Non-HEIs

    1. The mandate should be in line or related with NOMCAARRD’s Mission and
    2. Non-government organizations should be recognized/certified by pertinent
    3. Has an annual approved budget for its operations
    4. May be into in RDE activities in whatever capacity (collaborator, partner, etc.)
    5. Willing to pay the annual membership contribution and provide support in other
    forms (hosting of meetings, provision of logistics, etc.)
    6. Willing to provide

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    counterpart when sending participants in consortium
    activities/events (meetings, trainings, symposia, etc.)


    A member shall have the following rights

    1. To exercise the right to vote on all matters relating to the affairs of the consortium;
    2. To be eligible to any elective or appointive office of the consortium
    3. To participate in all deliberations/meetings of the consortium;
    4. To avail of all facilities and services of the consortium;
    5. To examine the records or books of the consortium during business hours


    A consortium member institution (CMI) of NOMCAARRD shall abide by the following:

    1. To observe and comply with the by-laws, guidelines and regulations of the
    2. To attend all consortium meetings and events, and actively participate therein;
    3. To contribute annual membership dues to

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    the consortium on time;
    4. To submit documents/information, when needed by the consortium, for its operations
    and programs

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