This section provides information on the services you may avail yourself of from the consortium with funding from DOST-PCAARRD and other agencies.

We offer


All applications to Graduate Assistantships & Non-degree Trainings must be properly endorsed by the NOMCAARRD Director. NOMCAARRD will be the one to facilitate sending your documents to DOST-PCAARRD hence, we request to all applicants to submit an advance copy of the application documents to Also, please address your request letter for endorsement to:

Consortium Director, NOMCAARRD
Maramag, Bukidnon 8710

Kindly submit the hard copy of all application documents to the same address mentioned above.

Through the DOST-PCAARRD Human Resource Development Program, scholarship grants and non-degree trainings have been consistently given to those holding permanent positions in any NAARRDN (National Agriculture, Aquatic and Resources Research and Development Network) member agency. This is in keeping with efforts to improve the staff’s capabilities. Every year, various offerings of these services are offered. For more details of available graduate assistantships and non-degree trainings offerings please click proceed.